OBJCTS is the creation of New York based designer Evan Dewhirst. It began as a simple online storage location for work-in-progress images, prototypes, personal projects, and inspiration, with the goal of sharing ideas and connecting with like-minded makers. Over the past few years, he has made a small selection of these personal projects available through OBJCTS shop.

OBJCTS shop features a constantly rotating selection of jewelry, artwork, and product, with the goal to create simple, beautiful objects that are efficient in their aesthetic, creating maximum impact with minimal forms.

OBJCTS creator Evan Dewhirst is a design researcher and product designer with a soft spot for that strange alchemy that attracts people to products. He sees the allure of a form, material, and function as a bit of modern magic and enjoys spending his time uncovering the underlying human desires that create that magic.

Evan has a background in biology and product design with professional design experience ranging from consumer tech and medical instruments to domestic products and eyewear.

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Some Clients: Panasonic, David Yurman, All-Clad, Matthew Shively, B. Robinson, Nuk, Colgate, Quirky Inc., Graham Fields.