Recent advances in 3D printing have revolutionized how we design and manufacture products. 3D printing provides a welcome alternative to socially and environmentally harmful overseas mass production in favor of low volume, high quality, local production. Essentially, it offers manufacturing on demand - only what the consumer needs gets produced. 3D printing also provides freedom for creators to bring a more authentic version of their creative vision to market. It is the latest evolution of humankind’s relationship with tools.

OBJCTS shop began as a personal expression of the possibilities of this new means of production, and its offerings will continue to grow. 


This is how it works:

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OBJCTS blog is a loosely curated collection of great projects that I've come across from a variety of disciplines. The dark frame around scattered images within the blog indicates that the work is my own.



OBJCTS Creator

My name is Evan Dewhirst. I am a product designer and design researcher with a background in biology. Currently, I am living and working in NYC. Please feel free to reach out. I'm always interested in discussing science, art and design.

Some clients I have worked for include: Panasonic, David Yurman, Colgate, Nuk, Quirky Inc, All-Clad, Kata, MUMA, Curve ID, Matthew Shively Design.